Abe was the 4th president of Dorito Land and the greatest at that point. He came back from the dead thanks to Cory and helped fight the other zombie presidents.


Abe's personnality is unknown but by judging Cory's reaction at seeing him, it can be assumed that he was a noble man. As a zombie, he mostly just grunted and roared.



Abe has black hair and a black beard. He is fairly tall and always wheres a black tuxedo and top hat. He has brown eyes, shaggy eyebrows and has a lot of wrinkles on his face. He always keeps a sturn look on his face.


At one point, Abe was the president of Dorito Land. Not much else is known about his past.

Dark ArcEdit

Abe was resurrected as a zombie by Cory-kun's awesome guitar skillz and wandered trough Dorito Land. Unlike the other zombies however, he did not eat anybody and mostly just walked around aimlessly. After he found Cory-Kun, they teamed up and defeated the dead presidents. He then went back to sleep in his grave.

Fighting abilitiesEdit

His fighting skills are unknown but it can be assumed that he was fairly powerful. He easily defeated the other zombie presidents, who where almost indestructible.