Totally Boobie-Chan. Not at all stolen art.

Boobie-Chan is Cory-Kun 's girlfriend. She used to date  Pepe-Sama but broke off with him to go gate Cory. She is known for her... Wuh... Jiggliness...


Boobie-Chan is is teenage girl wih long black hair and and big green eyes. She has a flawless face and... Ok im just gonna say it ok??! She has damn huge tits... Seriously, holly f*ck! How the hell??? Ok... Im over it. Anyways... She often... ARGH!!! HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?? HOW DOES SHE GET BACK UP WHEN SHE SITS DOWN?? ARRRGH!!

Boobie-Chan's face is rarely seen for humor purposes, but it does appear in several episodes.

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Boobie-Chan first appears in episode 43,  Gurenkyuman kidnaps her because boobs and Cory-Kun ends up having to go to Gurenkyuman's underwater volcano space castle in order to rescue her. After an epic fight to the death atop of Gurenkyuman's massive ego, Cory-Kun uses his secret technique, the SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME CHOCOLATE COVERED MECHANICAL GOLDEN ANOREXIC FAT LAZER BEAM OF INSTANT DEATH and kill Gurenkyuman. Boobie-Chan tries to hug Cory-Kun but ends sending him to the hospital when she jumps on him.