Cory in the House Anime OP

Cory in the House Anime OP

Season 35 opening.

Cory White House de Chou Taihen is an anime created in Japan back in 1955. It is often regarded as the best anime of all time and is loved by many. Want proof? Go see the reviews on IMbd. Do not confuse this brilliant masterpiece with the shitty Disney dub! That version sucks and left out key moments in the Cory story!
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Teh storyEdit

Cory White House de Chou Taihen follows Cory-Kun, the master waifu and manliest f*cker in Dorito Land. He lives in the white house with his father, Dixwedd-San and his crazy sexy sister, Raven-Chan. Cory-Kun must train in order to defeat Pepe the frog-Sama, his worst enemie who's goal is to murder the shit out of him to make him stop smiling all the god damn time!! S2 & S3 currently in progress by madhouse entertainment. Buy robux free on my Twitter fan page just join this free gift card giveaway at

Teh mangaEdit

Cory White House de Chou Taihen also spawned an excellent manga series tha
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A scene from the manga series.

t closely follows the anime. The mangas are extremely rare however and were all burned in the great dorito purge of 69. Images can still be found on google image though... 


Cory unfortunatley didnt sell very well... It is a hidden gem, very hard to find. Only the most masterful of humans can watch it and understand its brilliance. It is said that every copy of the Cory anime have been bought by the illuminati.

Teh gameEdit

Cory in the house the video game is a DS game released in 2008 by pro develloper studio, Handheld games Corporation. It is a stealth, exploration game similar to Metal Gear Solid but sooooo much better! The game sold poorly but the critics are fantastic! It is one of the best rated games on metacritic, im not even kidding. In 2018, Bethesda Studios announced that it was working on making a huge open-world MMO JRPG with free DLC and mod support based on the manga. Called Project Diva!:Cory-Chan & Hatsune-Miku in the house!! OwO