Dixweed-San is Cory-Kun and Raven-Chan's father. He is an expert marksman and tought Cory-Kun most of his fighting techniques. 


DIxweed-San is the MLGest dad ever. Every step he makes does a beautiful noise. He is ready to sacrifice his life to save his children which shows how much he loves them. Unfortunately, Dixweed- San is kind of a coward. If he can run from a fight, he will. He also prefers not to take risks and will always try to take the easiy way out. He has a terrible sense of humor. He finds making air horn remixes of music funny (isint that ridiculous).


I dunno... Geez! You cant expect me to know everything! You want him to look like something, do it yourself!


He first appeared in episode 2, he arrived at the White House with his 2 children and was the one to seemingly kill Pepe The Frog-Sama. He later sacrified his life to save some corner store from OggMan's selfdestruct attack. 

Fighting abilitiesEdit

Dixweed-San is an expert marksman. He has mastered a wide range of Gun techniques:

  • 360 no-scope: Dixweed jumps and does a 360 flip before shooting his enemie in the head with a sniper without a scope.
  • MLG rage: Dixweed's secret technique. When used, he becomes temporarily invincible and gets unlimited ammo. Also, people scream in the background when he shoots someone for some reason... However, this ability only lasts for a minute and afterward, Dixweed becomes very exhausted.