Dorito Land is a single continent on Meme planet. This is were the events of Cory White House de Chou Taihen take place. It was created by the great meme lord, millions of years ago. It is also the name of the galaxy in which the Meme planet is located.



  • White House: The white house is the most important building in Dorito Land. It is a giant blue (yeah, I know) building in the center of Dorito City. This is were all the major decisions for the futur of Dorito Land take place. The building is made of Bullshitanium, an almost indestructible alloy that can resist missiles. Cory-Kun and Raven-Chan live here.
  • Some Corner store: This were Cory-Kun and OggMan fought. Surprisingly, they sell no doritos.
  • Mountain dew district: A district that takes 69% of Dorito Land. 
  • Mountain dew district shopping mall: Boobie-Chan often shops here. It is a giant mall with 15 different entrences. They have a bit of everything there.
  • Someplace: Euh... Its a place... Somewhere...
  • Gurenkyuman's castle: Its an underwater volcano space castle. Filles with traps. The rent is actually pretty low...
  • Pepe's castle: HAHAHAHA! Got you! Pepe doesnt have a house. He lives in garbage.