Pepe teh frog-Sama is the awesome frog guy from Dorito Land. He was created by the great meme lord and is pretty f*cking strong. He is Cory-Kun 's worst enemie.


Pepe is a depressif piece of shit. He believes that he is worthless and always acts sad. He hates Cory-Kun because of how happy he always is and tries to kill him all the time. He was dating Boobie-Chan but she broke up with him to date Cory because of how much of a stud he is. He joined the illuminati to feel loved by others but everyone still hates him. Now that is some deep shit.



Pepe is a beautiful green frog with fabulous facial features. Although he always frowns, he has smiled once before and believe me, that is some terrifying shit right there. He wheres a blue shirt but whether he wheres pants or not is a complete mystery. Nobody know what his dick looks like. Except for the weirdos of Deviantart.


Pepe first appeared in episode 1 when Cory-Kun arrived in the white house. He kidnapped the president of Dorito Land and planned to use him as a human shield to stop Cory from beating is ass. He sent his ninja army to kill Cory but they were quickly defeated by our bald hero. Dixweed-San seemingly killed him using a AK-47.

Fighting abilitiesEdit

  • Super human strength: Pepe is very strong, the more he is depressed, the stronger he becomes. At full depression, he can easily destroy a planet just by punching it with half power.
  • Frog tongue: Pepe has a long sticky tongue. It can be used as a whip or to stick shit in it.
  • Super Human durability: Pepe can take some punishment.
  • Super Human speed: He's fast both in the arena and in bed.
  • Pepe tears: Pepe shoots acid tears from his eyes. They can melt trough anything.

    Pepe in battle mode.