Raven-Chan is Cory-Kun 's sister. She lives in the white house with him and often helps him fight evil. She's also a nice piece of ass... Ok, eww im sorry.


Raven-Chan is get of a bitch. She treats her brother like trash and often hangs out with her friends while Cory-Kin gets his ass beat by gangsters. She is very mean but can be kind when she feels like it. She does help her brother when he is in big trouble and genuinely cares for her father. If only she wasint an insane slut the rest of the time.




Raven-Chan is freaking weird looking. She has weird elf ears and a face even a mother couldnt love. She has dark bown eyes and like her brother, is very tanned. 


She first appears in episode 1 with Cory and her father while going to the white house. When they arrive, she mostly just stands there and doesnt really do anything... She later saves her brother from OggMan and brings her defeated brother in the white house to hide (because if somebody was looking for me, I would hide in the freaking white house).