Spoodermin is an alien meme from an other dimension. He is socially awkward and his only friend is Pepe-Sama. His dream is to one day own his very own burger stand in Dorito Land. Sanic-Kun is his brother.


Spoodermin is very socially awkward. He can't make structured sentences and will often go in fits of anger when called a newb. He is rarely happy and mostly cries in the corner of his room at night. That's probably why he gets along so well with Pepe. They understand eachothers shitiness. 


Maxresdefault (2)

What ever the hell this is... Its him.


Euh.... He... Euh.... That one time when...  Euh...

Fighting abilitiesEdit

  • Spoopermin wehb: Spoodermin shoots out a white gooey substance from his hands. It is extremely sticky and even Cory-Kun himself has a hard time escaping it.
  • Them burger skills: Have you ever tasted his burgers? They taste like spooder heaven.