This entire wiki is a big joke. Nothing in it should be taken seriously. The Cory anime is in fact a meme and everything here is 100% made up. 

For editers

If you want to edit this wiki, please follow these basic rules, if not the added content will be swiftly deleted. Please don't be a douche and add stuff that is obviously not wanted. Here are the rules:

  • Make up everything. All of it. Just use you're imagination to create characters, locations, powers, anything. It must, however, not insult, brake other editor's material. Example: Don't go creating a character that is way too OP or that relates to your own weird story. The main character is Cory, he has been established, the story follows him.
  • ​Dont put in a character from an other anime. Make a character out of a meme or flat out invent one. Example: Don't put in Vegeta as a charater. He is Dragon Ball Z character, not a Cory one. You can put in Shrek or Spooderman. They are considered memes and are not anime characters.
  • When you write something, make sure it's understandable. Its ok to make mistakes, it can be funny but dont write in broken English. This is still a wiki after all. Make sure people can understand you.
  • No racism. If you wanna swear do like this: f*ck.
  • Never insult Cory-Kun.
  • No spamming.
  • Please stay respectful at all times.

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